How would you propose to your girlfriend? And how would you want your boyfriend to propose to you?

Girls, do you want your boyfriend to propose to you unexpectedly or do you want him to ask you first then propose to you? How would you want to be proposed to?
Guys, would you propose to your girlfriend without telling her about it or would you ask her first then propose to her later? And how would you propose to her?


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  • If we've been dating a long time and are serious about each other, then I'd like for him to surprise me with the question. It'd be nice if he got my parents involved and asked for their blessing or whatever beforehand, though.

    I'm not too picky about how I'm proposed to. It'd be cute if he chose to do it on vacation at like a beach or something. That's really specific and not necessary, but it's all I can think of haha. As long as he gets on one knee and gives me a sweet, genuine proposal, I'll be happy.

    • Hahaha. What if he proposes to you at McDonald's and pulls out a dollar ring and asks you to marry him in front of 100 people? And people are recording you both? No troll question just for fun lol

    • I'd feel embarrassed and wouldn't like that, lol. It sounds like an elaborate joke and not a serious proposal. Also, I don't like being the center of attention so I wouldn't want an audience.

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  • I'm all about the shock and awe. I was engaged a few years ago (didn't work out) but the proposal was pretty awesome. We were in Nagasaki and drove up with her friends to the top of the mountain that overlooked the city at night. I took her aside and pointed out a few things in the city. Then I pointed past the city and had her look over the railing at something that wasn't there. I'm like, "hey, there's a bright diamond over there!" And she kept looking but couldn't see it. Then she turned around and saw I was already on my knee holding the ring up. She couldn't believe it. She actually asked me if I was joking she was so shocked. She said yes and on the drive down her friends were crying so much but she didn't say very much. I was actually panicking but after we got back to her parents house she told me she was excited to marry but was just so surprised since we had dated almost five years and rarely talked about marriage.

    • Why did you panick?

    • I thought she was thinking of changing her mind. I hadn't seen her that shocked before in my life.


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  • It doesn't have to be elaborate. I think I would like it in public though, like a park, so people could look over and be happy lol

    • What if he did it in a veryyyyyyyyyyy cheesy way and you got embarrassed would you slap him and push him then leave him?

  • He should ask my mom first but not me. Then if he get's her approval he should propose.

  • I think it is better if unexpected. It kind of makes it more emotional and special. Especially if the guy has planned out something special. Good for story telling in the future as well.

  • I would be te one proposing


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