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Me and my husband have been married for 3 months were having our first child in February. Now I think it wasn't such a good idea for us to get married. He's 17 I'm 22. We've been best friends since we were kids. It's kind of a long story I don't know why but his parents forced him to marry me. At first I was happy and crazy over him now I'm not so sure if we were meant for each other. Right now I'm watching a tv show one girl on the show is a high school student she didn't say how old she was she's probably 16-19 she was dating a 14 year old she got arrested. I'm scared the same thing would happen to us. I heard she doesn't matter but I guess it does in a lot of places. Good thing our families don't really care but right now it's scaring me I feel like I'm not suppose to be with him. It makes me sad right now. I don't see how age can matter to most people and in some places but I guess it does. If the girls on the TV are just dating I don't understand how this is a big mistake it's making me upset and making me confused about my own marriage and relationship. Was it wrong for me to marry him?


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  • If you had his parent's permission it was fine, but ethically? You were an adult dating a child. You're an adult *married* to a child. I'm not going to tell you that's 100% okay.


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  • No it was not wrong. You married him. You are the elder but you should take care of him. Our prophet's first wife was 40 and he was 25 when they married with the permission from the elders.
    So, It is no big deal in my opinion. You should remain happy and be with him. He needs you to control him and give him your support.


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  • If love was involved no