Question about marriage?

I asked this before (a day ago) but fu**ed myself over trying to explain and tittle and word it and got pathetic answer because of it.


Why aren't married people labeled as 'wife/Sister in law' or 'Husband/Brother in law?'

obviously when you marry you also marry your spouses family and they're your 'mother in law, brother in law, sister in law and father in law'

So your spouse should be your 'husbad/wife/sister/brother in law

The way I see this is.. My mum and dad have a baby and tell me that.. That baby isn't related to you but is?

Why so people ignore the middle man when it comes to marriage?

I hope you get what I mean

thankyou in advance


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  • To b honest I'm a little confused...
    BUT I do agree that u marry into the family. U can just steal ur spouse away. U get them and their whole family :)


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  • Huh? I feel like if I have a wife then yes her family is my family. Not by blood, but still my family. I do feel people get bias though. Like the wife might be more bias towards her family than towards her new extended family and vice versa.


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