Help! I'm a middle class white women with a rich husband and a nanny and my life is so hard! What do I do?

It's so hard figuring out which vacation to plan while my nanny does all the work! I'm struggling so badly what do I do? People assume I'm educated and nice because I'm white, it's such a struggle because I want people to think I'm a thug so badly


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  • sooner or later you'll kill the nanny and your husband because you are jealous and eventually strangle your child because you're white and white people are crazy like that

    • But but I already discovered my husband lied about being at work late last night and I saw him with a younger woman and I'm already cutting my hair off

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  • You are one of the people who has a nice husband and you want to throw it all away. Go ahead and murder people. This is not the way.
    If you want to do work yourself just tell him what you want.


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  • No one is going to think your a thug when you have a nanny. You need to change the nanny thing, deal with your own kids. Plan trips and make it work. Honestly it takes more to be a thug than you think.

  • If your gonna troll, try harder to be realistic.

    • But my life is hard living in a upscale neighborhood. I get nervous when I see Brown people

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    • Now if you excuse me, I have a kkk rally to go to

    • Have fun

  • haha first world problems XD

    • But but my fair skin and blonde hair and slim nose make me feel oppressed