Is it ok to cry in front of your husband?

My aunt passed away in her sleep last night. She and my uncle love right across the street. We went over to see them I felt scared and upset. My uncle was hurting more. He said they were playing poker and games on the computer last night then he said they went to bed she told him goodnight and she'll see him in the morning but she never woke up. She had a heart attack. I have asthma and heart problems I'm scared myself to go to sleep tonight. Thank god I never had a heart attack. Since its the holiday we stay with my mom and dad I'm scared for them or even my husband to go to sleep tonight. I'm even more scared to cry in front of people namley my husband. Is it ok to cry in front of him?


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  • Of course is.

    Vows mean something...

    "Through sickness and in health... through better or for worse."

    He'll be there for you no matter what.
    You are human! You're expected to have emotions (especially when you go through something so devastating). That guy is your husband he'll see you at all types of emotions as your marriages progress.
    How he reacts to them is the test of your love and the strength of your vows.
    Never be afraid to let someone see all of you, especially someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

    So sorry for your loss.


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  • Ofcourse! This is what u would do for u in ma HAWT profile pix babe 💏


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  • Sure it's OK!! It's nothing to be ashamed of. Hubby is there to take care of you, especially during the night, when these things always feel at their worst. It will be a long road through this, but you will get there. I promise!! Been there, too.

  • First of all a good cry is a good way to relieve stress and a normal human response. A man who cares for you should understand and not freak out.

  • First of all, sorry about your loss

    Second, if you cannot feel free to cry or express openly in front of your husband well that puts a question mark near the strength of your relationship.

    For marriage is unconditionality in every regard