How long do you think you should wait to propose to someone?

How long do you think you should wait to propose to someone? Would you wait a different amount of time depending on the person? Would you move in with them before or after the proposal? I'm just curious on what people think about this and how many different answers I get.

And as a girl would you propose.


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  • My husband never proposed to me. I never proposed to him. There was no ring, and no one got on their knees. We just knew we wanted to be together and so got married. I think a proposal is merely saying "I want to spend the rest of my life with you." When you feel that way is when you should propose. There is no set time that it takes to really get to know some one. People are constantly changing and growing. If you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with this person, through thick and thin, whether it takes 6 months or a year or longer to decide this, then go for it. Also, admitting or proposing that you spend the rest of your life together is not the same as getting married... you can be engaged for a long time before the actual wedding/ before getting married. I would say waiting for marriage is more important than waiting for engagement. For marriage you both need to be stable within yourselves (or it is easier if you are). You should have steady jobs and ideally you both should have graduated (and not be in debt... though that is a hard one to swing for many). I was "engaged" for a couple of years at least before getting married. Even after I was married I found out things about my husband that I hadn't really known... at least not in their fullest extent (like I knew he played video games and stayed up late, but I didn't not know that he played as much as he did or stayed up as late as he did)... and we knew each other for almost ten years before tying the knot.


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  • I would wait till we have live together for at lease 2 years and if I still love her (hopefully even more) I would propose.


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  • i would never propose.

    i think you should've been together a minimum of two years and tried living together first at least for a half year. and I think you should be over the age of 22-23.

    of course, every relationship is different so it also depends on that.

    if you've been together an insane amount of time like 8 years and aren't engaged/married, then I think it's either about time or it will never happen.

  • personally I think its the guys job to propose

    thats just how I feel

  • well personally I don't think there is a rite or wrong answer

    i think it depends on the person

    i don't think someone should propose unless they are sure that is what they want

    if I were a guy I probably would be a while like almost a year but that is just me

  • You should wait until you feel comfortable. When you both feel comfortable. Maybe you shouldn't even propose to someone until your both done with school. Start off with a promise ring. Me and my fiancee waited until we moved in together for him to propose, but I had a promise ring 2 years before that. As a girl, I would propose especially if I felt like he was the right one for me. It all depends on how you and the other person feel.

  • I think 2 years is a standard time a long-term relationship lasts. It's when you surpass it that would make me think marriage material, but it also depends on age and how well you know the person. If you were best friends for years before you started dating, then getting married after being together for 2 or 3 years doesn't seem as far-fetched. Then again, if you're in your 40's, you probably have a much better idea of what you want in a spouse, making 2 years reasonable.

    I don't think I'd move in with him first. More than likely, I'll adapt my place to suit him -- as in giving him a drawer to put his stuff in and I wouldn't propose because I want the surprise and excitement that comes with being proposed to! (: