Is he going to marry me or not?

He's already asked my dad a couple months back, but I feel like he keeps trying to buy time. EVERYtime I bring it up he always says that nothing would make him happier and yes he wants to marry me, he's just waiting for the "right time" and saving to afford a ring.. Which he hasn't been. And he won't bring it up on his own or talk about it unless I bring it up.. Am I being over dramatic or is he trying to just buy time? Note* he has already been divorced once before


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  • Well I would say the signs are not that good, but then you may also be overthinking, maybe there is something that is bothering him indeed. Have you tried to ask him?

  • My dear I'll say such that marriage is not a fun
    Marriage is binding to all life
    Now up to you

  • If you're ready, what's stopping you from asking him? You can always get a ring later.


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