What's the etiquette to hanging out with an opposite sex best friend when you are married?

I have received a lot of flak from my wife and my best friend's husband for hanging out together 1 on 1. we play video games, go hiking, go to formal dinners 1 on 1, go to the gym, and once got back from Denny's at 3 in the morning. we even hug, and lightly flirt, by compliments (nice dress, you look beautiful/handsome). my wife slapped me in the face when I hugged my friend in front of her. both our spouses forbade us from hanging, and now we have to sneak out to see each other.

what's the etiquette? we're just friends

by formal dinner, we dress up, and go out together. and compliment each other.


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  • It is ok to have an opposite sex friend, but in this situation you have the type of emotional intimacy with your friend that should be reserved for your spouse. You might as well be banging her because it will end your marriage anyway, sneaking around to hang out with her.


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  • It should be fine, but you need to be aware of your wife's feelings too, just because you know that you and your friend are purely platonic, doesn't mean your wife knows that, and when she sees you having that much fun with another woman she will likely feel neglected or jealous of your relationship with your friend. If you can show your wife that your friend is essentially a sister to you it may help with the situation.


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  • You keep asking this, but you've received people's answers a lot. At this point, many people would consider it emotional cheating, and even if it isn't, you knowingly hurt your wife every time you go out and see this woman. So even if you're not cheating on her, you are hurting her and you know you are, and you're still not stopping. You don't need to not see this woman, just back off a bit or change the way you interact with her slightly.

    The etiquette is that you don't hurt your partner.

  • I think its okay if they make it clear there is no romantic involvement or if they bring their wives along so that both the husband and wife are friends with the person. That is what my friend does - he wants me to meet his girlfriend so that I can be friends with both of them and not just him.


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