Does for better or worse include infedility?

My co-workers wife got drunk and had a one night stand. My co-worker became violent I remember cops coming to our work and talking with him/restraining order against him. He wanted to kill the guy who he's wife slept with. Now that I'm getting older and will eventually marry (hopefully still looking for her 😍) I'm getting a gut check kind of moment.

i remember sitting at a bar drinking after work and he looked meek and haggard talking about how he felt shame, anger and dispair all I could think "what a tool" since he forgave her and stuck with her.

so now I wonder is infidelity something that in vowes count as for better and worse and should be worked through or is it a a complete deal breaker. He's love for her shows they now have a kid together and seem very happy although I know he feels like he's pride has been shredded.

Infedility and affairs something that should worked through with counseling and more quality time or is it a complete end to the marriage?

  • For better or worse (I'll fight for my marriage)
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  • Good bye, you don't respect and no amount begging will stop me.
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  • Affairs, abuse and addiction. Participants in those three destroy their own marriage and a divorce is a foregone conclusion.
    A drunk woman who bangs someone once at a drunken party is guilty of evil in breaking trust. She has a lot of work to do to rebuild that trust. But it does not necessarily constitute an unforgiveable affair.


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  • i seriously dont think infidelity is part of 'worse' in this case.
    some people though are very loving and will continue to try make it work. i on the other hand would not be so merciful.

    im a loyal person, and I'm not bragging here but i do like that about myself. if i can offer my loyalty to someone, i expect it in return. it's not as hard as it's made out to be.

  • It depends a lot on how deeply you still feel connected to the person who cheated. If you are thinking, "we are so close; what led you to betray me like that?" then there might be something left to work with. But if you are feeling entirely separated from them and wondering if you ever knew them at all, it may be time to cut your losses and move on. How remorseful they feel matters a great deal, too.

    • Well it feels at my age soon to be 28. I'll probably not marry til my 30s. So it'll be for the long run, then again quoting Mike Tyson.

      "Everyone has a plan til they get punched in the face"

      Won't know what I'll do til it happens. I know I'd be devastated

    • Well, I hope you'll turn out to be one of the lucky ones who never has to find out what that's like. ;)

  • "Being drunk changes your behavior, not your morals."

  • End of marriage

  • Yes it includes fidelity. Very few can fully get over it.

    • I've heard it's easier for woman to forgive than it is for guys. When it comes to infidelity not sure why

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    • I've felt it before. Guess it goes both ways

    • Yes it truly does

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  • I might forgive her once, if she was drunk and seduce into it, but if she does it again that will be the end

  • It actually shows the side who's commited infidelity did not follow "for better or worse" and simply have abandoned the marriage.