Why do married people avoid singles?

I know a few aquaintainces who all are married that I see at get togethers. They don't talk to me, so I listen what they say to other married couples, and some things are about houses and the wedding, but everything else is something we all can relate to like jobs or movies or what's on the news.

Why selectively block contact with singles? If anything singles have more time to hang out so married couples (or just one of the people) have a reliable friend who has time to hang out. I understand married couples are busier usually, but we all are busy with our own things not just married people, so why discriminate? Or is it they feel weird hanging with someone single? Same sex friendship shouldn't matter than but I even see this fall apart when a friend gets married.

For me it's horrible being single, I can't find anyone who wants to stay friends all I want is someone to talk to and it's like from others "I'm married sorry no time to talk to you"


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  • I don't think that's accurate. I'm married and we both have quite a few single friends. 99% of my friends are single actually. We also have lots of couple friends though. Maybe what you're really seeing is couples liking to hang out b/c they don't want some "Single people" to feel like they are "third wheeling" on their activities?

    • The third wheel statement might hold up, but if your friends you shouldn't ever feel like your imposing whether single or married.

    • In an ideal world, you're right. But my BEST friend in the whole world, like a sister to me is single. I love hanging out with her and make time to do so, but I often feel guilty b/c I don't want her to feel like the third wheel, so we rarely hang out WITH my husband around.

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  • Yeah your right , it is like that a lot, I guess cause their spouses are their main focus and only married couples can relate but it's not fair when you try to have single friends that the other spouse may think is trying to corrupt them


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  • Well that's because married people think singles are not a good influence to them, they tend to think that single people are negative or don't have a positive influence on them. Don't know why but it's unfair to those who are single, it's not at all true!

  • well my married friends are no longer allowed to be friends with me. their wives met me and told them im a bad influence on them. what they really mean is that im going to tell them their wives are using them for money and they want me out of their husbands lives so I can't influence them and tell them they made a huge mistake.

  • I avoid anyone with a sex life. It's too painful for me to be around people who get to have sex whenever they want. It makes them upset, but I'm tired of being a friend only. Everyone assumes that I don't like sex or girls and that's aggravating to me. I just want to meet my end, but I can't because I have still have some purpose left on this
    God-forsaken planet.

    • At least you don't here them talk about sex or see them pass tit photos around but only you aren't allowed to see