How to deal with a jealous wife?

who won't let you hang with friends or talk to females (be it female friends or friends wives)? she was pissed when I spent the day (lunch, dinner, hiking and gaming) with my female best friend, aka my ex girlfriend. she slapped me after I hugged her goodbye in front of her.

it got very bad to the point I went out with a friend, and met a nice girl through him. me and the girl started to hangout. we went to dinner, the gym, a movie, and went to her house to have sex and play PS4. I sneak out to meet her, and have done so for the last half year.

she treats me right, and lets me hang out with and make new friends. she even encourages it.

I would divorce, but am not in financial position (buying a new car and a PS4 wasn't helpful.

I love this girl. we have common interests and similar political views. what should I do?


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  • I was with you until the the girl your friend introduced you to. Until then, your wife was too controlling. But if you are sneaking out to have sex with someone else, she has every right not to trust you.


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  • The right thing to do is to get a divorce. The question is do you still love your wife?


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