He's pretty much told me he's going to propose?

Let me give you some background.

My parents are divorced (youngest of 5 kids) and my mum has nothing to do with me. I've said I understand why men don't marry and would happily sign a prenap. When we first started dating he told me how much he hated marriage and children. And I shared my thoughts. As we dated more he said he would consider my thoughts.

Skipping forward a year and a half, I was teasing my boyfriend with a haribo ring saying he should propose (total joke). He said it was a shit way to propose and he never would like that. That it was lame. He would do it differently.

After a couple weeks thought I challenged him. He's now admitted he wants to be engaged to me...

So I guess I'm saying... I changed someone from not wanting to ever propose or have children to wanting to do that... Is he genuine? He says our love has changed his mind but has anyone else had similar expereience?


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  • People change their perspective on things over time based on new experiences, it's not unheard of.
    If he was brave enough to tell you he hates marriage and the thought of having kids before... then I'm pretty sure he wouldn't need to lie now.

    • So you feel he is real? Thank you. Have you experienced it too?

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    • Thanks for mH!

    • You are very welcome. Thank you for answering my question hun

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  • Yes, I think so but don't take my word for it. My ex, didn't want children nor to be married, yet he was engaged in the past. Later on in our relationship he said he would reconsider all those things because he felt that it was right, fast forward even more he changed his mind again and we broke up. this wasn't the only reason why, I just felt like he changed as a person a totally new person. So realistically I do think someone can change their mind, however this is a huge thing to change your mind over, it's not like picking apples over oranges.


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  • I'm too single to have had a similar experience :o but I could perfectly imagine that love can change such opinion!
    And it's also a very good sign if it has. Since that means he loves you inside out and him proposing would probably be your way to happyness :D

  • I would say he's being genuine. In your age range, most people haven't really figured out who they are and what they want out of life. Anything can change at any time, so when he said he wasn't interested in marriage and children, he probably meant it at the time, but then reconsidered after getting to know you better.


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  • I am not sure. But,