Why does this guy like hearing about my marriage counseling sessions?

Any ideas why this guy friend of mine seems to like to hear about my marriage counseling session? I am thinking maybe he wants to get ideas for his own relationship with his girlfriend? Or, could there be some other reason? He seems to like hearing me talk about that more than anything else I talk to him about.


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  • I would wager either you're right and he is looking for advice to apply to his own relationship or he enjoys hearing about other people's problems to make his own relationship look better.

    • Yeah, that might be true. His relationship w/his girlfriend isn't so good- so maybe he feels better hearing my problems! Thanks.

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  • I'm a listener, I take other peoples problems and solutions and use them in my own life. It's possible he could be doing the same.

    • Yeah, it seems like it might be that way. He is a good listener. I think he likes comparing my relationship to his.

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  • 1. maybe he wants to be a marriage counselor 2. maybe he knows your marriage is already in trouble or you wouldn't be in the counseling and he is using the info to try and see what he needs to do to get you.

    • I think you are partially right. He has said he'd like to be a counselor. And, he has indicated he has a crush on me. But, he has also made it clear he is with his gf, and nothing is going to happen. So, now I wonder if he's using me to try to solve problems w/his own gf! I don't mind it, I guess, but its just kind of strange to me to be so interested. I don't think I'd want to hear about his girlfriend problems.

    • Then just ask him why he is so interrested.Just be like '''You sure are a good friend to want to listen to all this especially being a man '' and see what he says