Is it that common to marry your high school sweetheart?

I live here in Tennessee and it seems a lot of people I know have married their high school sweetheart. Or someone they met when they were in high school.

In fact, it is extremely rare to find a girl who has not been in a long term, serious relationship by the time they graduated high school. I am in my early 20s and just had sex once. Never had a girlfriend. So it feels weird.


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  • Hmm I actually don't know anyone thats still with their high school sweetheart, I known'm definitely not, but I dated him into university.

    • But you still were in a long term relationship before you graduated high school. I never even had a girlfriend and I am 21.

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  • I'd have done it but she didn't want to date.
    I know a few who did.

    • I know a shit load who have. I know people who married in their teens. Feels weird.


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  • It's not common but happens


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  • All I could find is that
    1) It's false that 90% of marriages are high school sweethearts
    2) less than 2% of marriages are high school sweethearts

    My parents are though. So I thought it could've happened to me but it didn't.

  • Yes, it can happen like that but I think it's unlikely.

  • In my experience, high school sweethearts are the exception, not the rule. Most high school relationships end by college

    • I work with this guy who is younger than me. He is already married and he is miles ahead in terms of maturity. Just his demeanor even. It feels like I am behind the eight ball on this one.

      Yea, I have had sex and all, but I never had a committed relationship. I liked to make the excuse that "I just don't like commitment" but that isn't the reason why I am single.

    • Everyone is different. Don't stress yourself out to much about it. Things happen when they're supposed to