Girls, why is my wife like this?

I was at coffee with a female friend. my wife walked in and spotted me. she then dragged me to the car (my friend drove me here). she shouted and demanded to know who she was. I told her she was just a friend, and after she raised a brow, I admitted that I was just hanging out with my ex girlfriend from college. then my wife slapped me and drove me home. she then followed me everywhere (except the restroom) and kept her eye on me. we are married with no kids, and my ex is single with no friends. was my wife too harsh on me? I'm not cheating and we're just friends!


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  • Why does someone see their ex when they're married? Sorry, you set yourself up for that one. No, she wasn't being harsh. She loves you and is protective of you and you crossed the line by seeing an ex girlfriend when you are married. Your wife deserves a good explanation and a sincere apology.


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  • She's being overly jealous and controlling. You ex-girlfriend is your ex-girlfriend for a reason, and your wife is your wife for a reason. Your wife should be able to see this.

  • You should have told your wife that you was meeting up with her you and your wife are one. And your ex friend is wrong she should have went to a dating site or go to a bar and find some friends make friends at work. And your wife is wrong to because she should have yelled at you in front of everybody She should have done that in the car or wait until you got home never let the old woman know what's going on in your relationship because that's a easy way for them to come in and take you for them self same thing go for you so I say all three of you are wrong. Good luck

  • Honestly she did over react a bit, but you definitely should have told her all of the details before you went out with your friend/ex. You have to earn your wife's trust (unless you have already) before she will be ok with you hanging out with ex's. In my marriage, my husband ruined my trust for him, so for me I would not be ok with him hanging out with an ex alone. Just try and talk to her and let her know that things are totally innocent, and worse case scenario, you might not be able to hang out with your ex until your wife feels comfortable with the idea. Good luck man, take it slow.

  • Try to step back and see things from your wife's perspective. I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be happy if you caught your wife hanging out alone with another guy without knowing about it, then having her lie to you and say he's "just a friend" when he's actually an ex and he's single. And if it doesn't bother you you should probably reevaluate your marriage because that should bother you. There is no reason to hang out with an ex. I feel sorry for your wife.