How long should one wait to get engaged or married?

OK a lot of people around me these days are getting married and having kids. I feel old but what gets me is when people that have only known each other for a month or two getting married. Ya as long as they are happy that is good with me but ya I don't know I was thinking how do you know you will be OK. Is that really enough time to get to know somebody enough to know you want to spend the rest of ur life?


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  • There are some decisions you just can't rush. This is one of them. Don't worry, take your time. The longer you take the more secure you can be that your marriage will last and that your kids will have a good, secure, stable home. No rush.


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  • I'm 23 and over the past 3 or 4 years things have begun changing in my circle of friends, from us all being single and going out each week most of my friends have now either gotten married, engaged and several of them have kids or kids on the way! I don't feel left out because my partner and I aren't in any rush as of yet, it's our 4th aniversary next week and I still love him just as much. I've seen plenty of rushing and for example my best friend has known her fiance what, six months? She's having his baby in May and they plan to mary before then. Everybody is different, some rush into things, others, like myself don't plan on settling down just yet! I'll face that when the time comes but for now I'm making the most of it.

    • Ya I know I just feel a little weird with all my friends being married. Them all ditching me for their "hubby" lol but ya I know you are rite. I am not the one to rush usually. I have a stable boyfriend that I love dearly and ya we know we are it for each other but its jus one of those things. When do you know when it is the rite time?

    • A friend once told me that she knew it was the right time when she could think about marriage and having kids without going 'eurgh' or 'no way' and think 'y'know what it wouldn't be such a bad thing if that happens', if the idea of getting married or having kids still makes you cringe then you know it isn't the right time yet. SIimple as.