Is it normal for married people to still flirt or touch someone?

I know couples who were friends since before they were married, and I still see them flirt with eachother even though they both are married to other people! The girl will touch the guys arm when talking and saw his boxers and pinched his butt, they guy talked about he would strip for her and looked up her skirt and grabbed her butt. This is just a few things I see and hear and they call eachother sexy, they aren't husband and wife. Someone told me because they were friends before they got married it's ok to do this stuff.
Reason I ask is this married girl is hot, I'm single but when I hear her flirts it turns me on and I wish I could grab her butt like her married guy friend does, I wonder if I'm behind on what's accepted nowadays or if these people are wrong doing this. Nobody says anything or stops them and this girl flirts to many guys but not me.

Any more opinions?


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  • Trust me... They are not friends, they are lovers!

    • They liked eachother before they were married but never dated, they had all opportunity to marry one another but didn't, they married other people instead. I think they only had physical attraction but could not see living together personality wise they would drive each other up a wall.

    • Exactly... Lovers. I'm sure they fuck behind closed doors.

    • What would you say about me liking this girl? If I said something to her like she's hot think she would take it bad? Her husband says nothing and it's like, mabye they have an open marriage and if I made it known I like her mabye she would like me too? I'm single and being near her makes me excited

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  • No it is not normal, it's just not right, it's very disrespectful to your partner.


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  • If they have a very open minded relationship I think it's fine.
    I would let my hubby/wifey grab butts or get grabbed lol Not a big deal for me

    • It's possible they do but I'm not sure. If they do am allowed to grab her?

    • I think you need to build a strong relationship with her, be her friend and then you could do that. Something could go wrong if there isn't enough trust in the relationship between you 2.

  • I am going to say, no.

  • It's normal but not right of them

  • no... no its not

  • That's messed up. I pity their partners.


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