How can I comfort my husband?

My husband is upset because his son passed away. It wasn't really his kid it was a boy he had taken care of for the past 2 years since his parents died. Me and him adopted him after we got married. I only known him for a few months. He was a really nice boy he just turned 15. I told him we could try and have another kid but he doesn't want to. I think he's scared. We tried to do it last night he said he couldn't do it. Even though he only known the boy for 2 years he felt like he's known him his whole life he did feel like he was his own son. He's really upset he also really misses him. How can I comfort him?


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  • Have a kid... Just don't to prevent it, just let it happen.


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  • First off... don't ever say "It wasn't really his kid" again.

    Secondly... you can't "replace" a lost child by having another one. Life doesn't work that way.

    Ask him. Say I know you're hurting and I love you. I want to help you any way that I can. How can I help you?

    Give him space and let him come to you.


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  • What @Dubhlann said,
    let him know you miss him too, don't try to be all jolly out of nowhere. Let him cry to you about it. Then only he can move on. He has to cry.

  • I would say he needs to heal first. Give him time. He may not in the mood. I would say try to cheer him up.