How to escape from Wedding cost?

I wish to have ceremony & photographer & dinner without expensive party

The more I get old the less need of fancy wedding

Do u have ideas how to cut costs as much possible?


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  • Ask friends to do things for you... have a friend who's a amateur photographer? Ask a friend to officiate ceremony? Get married at someone's house rather than a hall.


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  • It really depends on what is important to you. To me, the idea of spending $35,000 on our wedding made my head hurt. So we chose to do simple, and it saved us $28,000. We had our reception outdoors (with a rented tent), we kept the catering bill (which was the largest cost) down by choosing less elaborate foods, and we bought our own liquor. Just be creative! Ask yourself: are you trying to impress your guests with an opulent display, or are you trying to share your joyous day with family and friends?

    • What's important to me is : White Dress, Photographer, Videographer, Ceremony follow his family dinner
      I just don't know I might do another party for us when I stop the ceremony stress first. in the party I wear another simple evening white dress for our dance party
      What is make me sad that my family can't attend the party since we are from different countries, that's why I'm not excited about dance reception, so my family might do another wedding for me in my home country


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  • You can replace the cost of a photographer at your reception by buying some disposable cameras and having them about for anyone to use.


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  • Do wedding decorations yourself it saves a lot of money! at least the decorations that you can do hand made and such, but thats all i got thus far, depending on the food maybe only give a couple options for main course and not 3+