Married, but miss my ex girlfriend?

me ex helped me break out of my shell in college. she helped. me succeed and get good grades. we joined a coed fraternity and made so many close friends there. my ex moved to my city and we miss each other. she tried dating other men, but still fantasizes with me. none of us have kids.


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  • ... dude you are married. period.

    Do not contact the ex girlfriend. There us no but.

    You do not contact her, esp after she says she fantasizes about you.


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  • Maybe you moved on and got married not in the right mind set and because your ex was further away you thought it was easier, however I think you should try and stay focus on your marriage. It would be heart breaking if my husband was still wanting his ex I would feel like second choice

  • Why did you get married so young? Lol. Do you want to be with her instead of your wife? Or are you just remembering things thtough rose coloured glasses?


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