Broke my leg weeks before wedding?

My wedding day is in 3 weeks, and I have never broken a bone or hurt myself playing basketball. But of course a week ago, I landed awkwardly and suffered a fracture of both bones in my lower left leg. After surgery, I was told that it would take 6 months to fully heal. My fiancée ( her parents invested a lot of money in this wedding) is furious. She yelled at me for hours, and told me that even though she still loves me and plans on marrying me, she was going to give me the silent treatment until our wedding day. And so far it has been killing me, she still helps me with anything I need, and sometimes I will get a smile out of her but no words unless it's urgent. I'm not apologizing because I'm the victim here, but I need advice on how to get her un-mad at me or at least back talking to me


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  • Give her a dozen bouquet of roses, make her favorite meal, give her a gift card to a spa. I know marriage isn't about material things but you can also just sit down and talk to her and tell her you feel horrible but you don't want to receive the silent treatment and that it's not making you feel good. Part of being in a marriage is communication and the ability to let bygones be bygones. If she is not willing to look past this situation that wasn't your fault to begin with, you're going to look forward to her giving you the silent treatment every time she's mad and that's very childish.


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  • Dude, seriously? LOL

    Like, I can understand mild disappointment, but holy hell. Is she worried that the FB photos aren't gonna come out perfect or something? Haha.

    I don't know; I wouldn't stand for that kind of treatment. And similarly, I would never in a million years treat my lady like that. That's ridiculous.

    How do you get her unmad at you? My question to you is: why should you be trying.

    I'm not a hard-ass at all, but in this situation I'd just tell her she can play the silent treatment for years to come, because unless she gets over herslef, ain't gonna be a wedding.


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  • I say she needs to get off her high horse. While she may be aggravated that you have a broken leg, things happen! I would seriously need to know why she is acting like a child giving you the silent treatment. What is it going to do truly? You may not want to take the chance, but I would look her straight in the eye and find out if she even wants to continue in getting married. A broken leg is tlnkt all that bad! I mean, considering the options. I'm sure you can eventually get one of those boots.

    Just imagine how memorable your wedding will be! Crutches and all. I suppose you can just crack some jokes and get a smile out of her.


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  • It wasn't intentional and it'll make the wedding more memorable