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we are 4 sisters and one brother. I am the youngest. My older sister didn't grow up with us because she went to live in another country. We have a distance relationship because she doesn't travel much and is a single mom of now young adult children. One of my sisters is getting married and my other sister and I will be the maid of honor. The groom's only bro will be the best man. My older sister, was not requested to be the maid of honor. My older bro was not requested to be anything. Now I heard that my older sister feels left out because she is the only sister that won't be maid of honor. Would you feel left out?

we all live in different countries, however we see each other 2 or 3 times a year. We don't have children. My older sister is a single mom of 4 young adults 2 still live with her as they are 19 and 21 and going to college. My other sister who will be the maid of honor has only one daughter.


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  • Yes I would.

    • what would you do?

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    • the bride is starting with the wrong foot... not good. My family don't support anything. I am one of the sisters invited to be maid of honor. My sister not invited to be maid of honor told my mom that she may not go to the wedding. My mom said then don't go if you don't want. This is how my family is. I am just here trying to understand how things should be. How would I fee if I was the one left out

    • Well, you have a choice. Maybe in support of your sister, you should back out of being a bridesmaid. It saves you from buying a stupid dress.

      If I was the excluded sister, I still might come, but that's it; you wouldn't see me at any more family functions.

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  • Yes, I'd feel left out. She's still family and if ou and your other sister are both maids of honer it's a little unfair to leave her out.

    • what would you do? would you go to the wedding? would you tell the sister that is going to be married anything about this? we all received an email for the wedding so we can do a rsvp and soon we will receive the wedding invitation by mail. In email there is details about the wedding and also they talk about the best man and the maid of honors. I guess no one will know there is another sister and a brother unless my sister introduces them to the family of the groom

    • from the 3 left, only 2 will be maid of honor... the other one nothing

  • Yeah I would, but it's not my wedding so I would be lenient and not hold a grunge on her if that was the case

  • I would if I was close.. she could always be given another special job to do on the day.

  • Nope it's your sisters wedding if she doesn't want her in her wedding party she should have to do it just because your sister has hurt feelings. Too bad it's not about her. She will be a wedding guest not the end of the world. Plus the point of a maid of honor and bridesmaids are to be available to help the bride.