What should I do in this case??

Hi all members...i m 24yr and there is a girl who likes me but she already engaged. personally I like her but I don't know whether I should go ahead with her or leave her.? because problem is..i m not looking a very serious relation ship with her and I don't want to be blamed... suggest me ...? thanks.


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  • If you just like her, and you're not looking for anything serious than don't do anything. Because if you guys just have a fling, and then you move on, and her fiancee dumps her, that's going to cause a lot of heart ache for her. Plus, you don't want to be that guy that ruins an engagment. So as much as you would like to, just try to put your feelings aside and let her go.


What Guys Said 1

  • dude...im sorry to say this but you have no business in her life at all.Firstly bcuz you're not serious abt her and secondly she's engaged to be married and nything selfish on ur part will ruin her and her partner's engagement.So, be a decent guy and just let her go man.