Why are there double standards for older men being with younger women, and vice versa?

I thought it's supposed to be an "equal" society.. right... if a male politician had a wife 24 years older than him people WOULD discuss it a lot... but it's not weird at all that Trump's wife is 24 years younger than him?

Heck, even Kasich's is 12 years younger. If the woman was 12 years older it would be mentioned at least somewhat.


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  • As someone who prefers and frequently dates older women, this is something that I face on a regular basis. It's so fucking ironic. Another good example is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (32) and Liam Payne (22) who have been dating secretly for 3-4 months and only just confirmed their relationship recently. Every since, Cheryl had received vile insults and death threats. The sad thing is this pressure can cause them to split up.

    I don't know why this double standard exists, unfortunately. Jealousy? I don't know. But when you think about it, women who dates younger men are instantly referred to as a "cougar" while a man like James Woods with his young enough to be daughter girlfriend Kristen Bauguess doesn't the same backlash. So it pretty much also shows that the term "cougar" is pretty sexist.


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  • I agree. It's a disgusting double standard. Age gaps shouldn't still be a taboo, even though they are and being with an older woman shouldn't be a big deal. People need to start getting over shit like this, it's 2016!


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  • It irritated women when men choose beautiful younger women over equally accomplished women his own age.

  • On the other hand, without older "cougars", what would young lonely men do?