Is it bad if I am married and I spend time with my ex girlfriend? Am I stupid?

My ex is my best friend who helped me socialize and get good grades in college. She also helped me get a job and advance in my career. She is the reason for my success (and even helped me meet my wife). We hang out once a month, and usually play video games or smoke weed or watch movies in college. We hang out with my fraternity brothers or with her sorority sisters. We hug but rarely see each other due to our schedules. We once made a mistake when we all (me, her, and our brothers and sisters) drank and passed out in our living room.

  • Yes. it is bad and you are stupid.
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  • No. Keep at it
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We only hang out once in a while and hug when possible. No flirting otherwise


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  • Ask yourself these questions:
    Does your wife know?
    Do you two do anything that would go outside the boundaries of friendship?

    If your answers are yes and no, in that order, then there's nothing wrong with it.

    • Yes, my wife knows.
      And is hugging inappropriate? Or drinking and smoking weed with friends?

    • Not really

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  • Yes, of course what you are doing is highly inapprpopriate!.


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