Would you rather marry a hot mermaid / merman who is human from the crotch / butt up but has a fin as legs, or a fat ugly full human person?

You can't cheat, and the mermaids / mermen have human butts and genitals, butt mo legs, just a fin.

  • Hot mermaid / merman whos human from butt / genitals up but has a fin for a leg
    83% (5)100% (9)93% (14)Vote
  • Fat ugly person
    17% (1)0% (0)7% (1)Vote
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What Girls Said 1

  • I can't swim, and I have a waterphobia. So neither lol

    • Just pick one thats the least offputting. Most people wouldn't choose either in real life. This is for fun: have an imagination

    • I cannot imagine what cannot occur

What Guys Said 2

  • Mermaid

    • She can't leave the water though

    • Eh, there is a way around that, have a house filled with water from the waist up,

    • They did this experiment where a woman lived in a house half filled with water for a year, so same deal,
      We'd get waterproof electronics and I'd sleep in a hammock

  • The hot mermaid lol 😂