I think I want more with my boyfriend, and it's more like I wanna put a ring on it. Advise?

He's leaving for the army soon, I just font know if I can be happy without him and him so far away. I wanna move in with him and travel and build and grow with each other, but I don't know how to tell him that. We are a bit young but isn't that the beauty of it, building each other


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  • Just be frank with him and tell him how you feel and if he loves you he will want to marry you and maybe he feels the same way you never know until you ask sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and that is when some of the best things happen is when you do that

    • Thank you. I know deep down that's all I wanna do but I don't know if I'm brave enough

    • My fiance is the same way and so am I but sometimes you just have to take that chance because you never know I'll take that chance and now I'm getting ready to marry the best woman in the world next year so take that leap of faith and if it is meant to be it will be and if not then it won't

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  • tell him you wanna live with him and tell him how you feel... and see what he thinks about it