Choosing my best man: Prearranged family decision vs my preference?

My wedding is coming and I have to choose a best man.
I have two sisters. I have excellent relationship with one and regular contact (A), but I rarely speak to the other (B). No hostility or anything, she always had a closed personality so we never really connected. We are still cool and meet when I'm back in my home town.
This would be a no brainer, right? It gets a little complicated.
I asked A to be my best man but she told me that they talked with B earlier and agreed that I should ask B because I was her best man 5 years ago on her wedding (she doesn't say whose idea this was). Basically they made the decision for me. I don't like that. I talk to B maybe twice a year over the phone and meet her maybe 4 times a year, while I have almost daily contact with A. We help each other a lot and I feel it would be wrong for me not to ask her. She is afraid that if I don't choose B that will start a feud between them.
I made my decision and stand by it, I just want your opinion on this.
I also have to point out that there is no third alternative.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Explain to them that this is your wedding and feuding and jealousy is not how you want to spend your engagement. Also, why is your Sister going to be your best MAN?

  • It's your wedding and therefore you're allowed to choose who you want. Can't you choose A for the maid of honor and B for another bridesmaid.


What Guys Said 1

  • I agree with you, it should be your preference not prearranged