In this day and age how many years do you think the average marriage lasts?

Today is my parents 39th wedding Anniversary and it got me thinking about if marriages today could ever last that long. So, do you think they could ever last that long? And, how long do you think the average marriage would last nowadays?


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  • I think any marriage can last. People just don't want to deal with other peoples bullshit anymore. I told my fiancé my wedding vows won't say til death do us part. They'll say "as long as the union is reasonable and comfortable"

    That doesn't mean I'll jump ship the moment I get upset or hurt or uncomfortable. It means if I feel like there's a cycle of happy, sad. Happy, sad. I'm gone.
    He said his will say til death do us part because he'll never let me go. He's a creep. 💀


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  • Congrats to your parents longevity of happiness, i think that's so awesome when a marriage last that long.
    I really don't know what the average length will be in the future (I mean people just seem to move together now days and consider themselves married)
    I believe for a marriage to least it has to be two, willing, loving people who have a strong desire to make it work out want to succeed in life together and they fight there battles together and never let the other fall and they give each other encouragement and love to the best of there abilities.
    "Teamwork makes the dream work" <3 <3 <3

  • Hopefully a lifetime