Can a ring mean something other than engagement?

Q says it all .

Shes in my class, not my GF,

i just want to know if she's engaged or not!


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  • I'm assuming the ring you're asking about is on her left ring finger? That's where women in this country wear engagement/marriage rings. If it's not on that hand, then it's not an engagement ring.

    Even if it is on her left ring finger, I would say it's most likely a promise ring. Sometimes parents buy them for their daughters as a promise to wait until marriage to have sex. Sometimes girls just make the promise for themselves and wear a ring on that finger to indicate they are saving themselves for marriage. It could also be that she's just not thinking and wears a ring on that finger without realizing the significance.

    And you never know, she could be "engaged". She may not be too young to be so in love with her boyfriend that they plan on getting married after high school or college. I knew a girl that was 17 that said she was engaged and wore an engagement ring on her finger. It didn't work out. Things may not work for this girl, but respect her relationship anyway.

    • Well, the ring is on her RIGHT finger, not the left.

      But ya I think she's saving her self for marriage. :(


    • If it's on her right ring finger it may not mean anything. I wear a ring on that hand sometimes but I'm not engaged and don't wear a promise ring, even though I'm saing myself for marriage. So maybe it's simply a ring! Get to know her better if you like!


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  • Yea... my little brother got his girlfriend of 2 years a ring. He told her its a promise to wait with each other until they're married and that once she's 18 if they're still together, that they will get engaged.

  • Yes. It can be a mood ring, a friendship ring, or one she just wears for fashion purposes. If it is an engagement ring it is most likely on her rin finger.

  • depends does it look like a engagment ring ? maybe ask her ? and if it is a diamond and if it is on her left ring finger than it might bee

    can you answer mine


  • yes it could be a promise ring or just a nice gesture if its not too fancy but make sure its for her birthday or a holiday not just any random day or her mind will run wild

    • Ok,, I think I miss described the issue, she is a girl in my class and she's wearing a ring ! I want to know if she's engaged, because she's young to be.

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  • Of course it can :) it can mean that you're in a serious relationship, that your committed and faithful, and in some cases to signify to others that you are taken by someone else