How you would react if your spouse said this?

There's a tv series my husband and I watch nearly weekly (Power if your a Starz fan). Main character is a cheat among other things and left his wife and then broke up with side piece. Long story short while main character is at the old house waiting for the kids him and the wife have sex. Now... the wife is giving it her all and all in bed, because lets face it she's hurt and wants him back. My husband said to me during the scene... "why can you be like that with me"?

He said he was just kidding... but I certainly didn't take it that way. I lost it. First anger now I'm just emotionally a wreck. My husband is a diabetic and has ED. He has to use Viagra nearly every time. I never once said anything negative about that, in fact i'm very encouraging. I'm damn near turning circus tricks in bed and I get this comment?

Did I take it wrong? Could he have been just joking?


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  • He wasn't joking. But I suspect he also doesn't mean you're terrible.

    I think there was some certain thing she was doing he really liked. If he could express that, it might be something small you could do.

    As for him, sorry about his health, and I know you 'know' this but i'll say it again anyway - the fact he needs Viagra doesn't have anything to do with his desire for you. He takes it BECAUSE he desires you. It's just a bloodflow issue.

    If there are things you want him to do that he's physically capable of, you should speak up too.

    Communication can sting when it happens, but its' the best path to a better and better marriage, if you two can follow it.


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  • You took it the wrong way and overreacted. He was not being serious.

  • I think he was being serious. Most times, especially men put things in the form of jokes so as not to get a rise out of someone but there is some truth to those "jokes."

  • I would laugh it off and then ask if she wanted anything new out of sec


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