Has my opportunity to find a wife already passed?

Has my opportunity to find a wife already passed

I'm 25 and still am far from having a girlfriend, I'm in community college currently with goals on transferring to a university soon. They say that you meet the person you will marry in college and so far no girl at my current college appears interested actually I got rejected by a girl my age for a middle aged guy



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  • Lol hardly, don't most men marry at like 35 onwards these days anyway? Maybe that's why that girl picked an older man as she thought you'd be too young to want to settle down?

    Tbh, I've always thought-you're gonna be alive for another 50 odd years, chances are if you marry now the person you marry... and even you.. will have changed a lot over that time and might not even like who eachother have become 20 years down the line, so I wouldn't be in too big of a rush to marry.

    Either way, you're still a young'un, don't worry about it. I'm 27 and all I want to find is a decent boyfriend, that's hard enough as is without worrying about marriage haha!

    • Well I just want a girlfriend

  • Same boat, but according to feedback that I received it's just a matter of going out more and expanding your social circle.

    • I have no social circle and like I said girls just look at me like I'm a freak they appreared freaked out by me

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  • I don't know about meeting a wife at a college or university... more people hook up there than wanting a serious relationship.

    • Well no girl appears to want me and when they look at me it a more creeped out look

  • Your 74 years old. Doesn't look good.

    • No girl appears to want me

    • Don't worry. One day one will want you. Just be ready to treat her right

    • Dude I'm ready for her

  • No, you're 25. You're still young.

    • Ok but no girl appears to want me

  • You'll always keep meeting people; you don't need to worry about that. I had a girlfriend in college, but neither of us knew what we wanted to do with our lives, so it didn't work out. When you're older and more established, you're in a much better position to have a more meaningful relationship.

    • Dude I'm 25 and haven't had 1 girlfriend I have no dating experience