What should I say to my wife?

My wife was watching some videos on YouTube she probably shouldn't be watching. She was watching different videos of teens and kids being in car crashes from either texting or drinking and driving. She has a fear of driving she said she's never gonna drive. She always has me or her mom and dad drive her. She doesn't want to. She's never been in an accident but she's known people who have. One of her friends friend was killed a few years ago they never did figure out what caused it. No alcohol related everyone had seatbealts but the girl driver died. It wasn't far from our house either. She's always been scared of being in one. They made her go to the university in town on her last day of school and made her watch videos since then she's had fears of it. Sometimes she has nightmares. She's feeling kind of sad she's been crying. She wishes they would stop making videos of this. How can I help her feel better? What should I say to her?


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  • Something along the lines of "Sorry im so odd and lie on the internet all the time because I have some weird hurt/comfort thing going on that drives me to spam and make multiple accounts even though I've been banned multiple times"

  • Discuss with her about possible therapy, that will help her tons!, she's traumatized and has a lot of pain that needs to get over with. Try to be supportive with her, and also tell her to stop watching those videos, that isn't helping right now as it seems...

  • She needs to stop watching that shit. Then she needs to get in therapy. Something needs to happen. Are you planning on driving her around for the rest of her life?


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