Is it wrong to find housewives more attractive?

I dont have any problem with a working woman. I just find housewives more attractive and I would like my wife to be a housewife but if she wants to do job it's her choice. Is it sexist/racist/whatever?

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  • Saying you'd prefer a future partner to be or want something isn't bad at all. It'd only be bad if you expected all women to stay at home. Personally, I find men who stay at home and care for kids pretty attractive too


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  • Oh wait, it's the 1950's lol


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  • Not wrong but it is sexist - in my opinion...
    I don't know how others see it.

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      How is it sexist?

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      Its not sexist, saying its sexist is sexist, and ignorant, amd hypocritical. You can "choose" whatever you want, unless you choose "wrong" then feminists will "shame"you until you choose "right".

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      @LittleSally you're implying that being a career woman is intrinsically better than being a house wife. Id argue that notion is more sexist and harmful than one mans preference.

  • IT's not wrong bro


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