How can I help my husband feel better?

Me and my husband have been married for a week we were together for 6 months before we were married. He's transgendered he likes to wear his make up and likes to have his nails painted. Since we've been married he's been depressed. I was painting his nails last night he started crying his eyes out for no reason then he asked me if he looked horrible I told him no but he still cried. He cried on my shoulder for almost an hour. I didn't bother talking to him he was so upset. He felt better today he took a nap this afternoon I would ask him but I'm afraid it might hurt him again. How can I help him feel better? What could be wrong with him?


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  • Just be there for him and talk to him, thats all you can do!

  • Did your husband transition from she to he or he to she?