What do I do?

OK, so I've never been the girl to get all the hot guys... or even ever get a guy, but now all my friends have boyfriends. I feel left out, and when they do invite me along, I feel like a third wheel. What should I do, or should I do nothing?


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  • just concentrate on ur career. u'll get a guy someday . it's just that you are not having that much confidence. but make sure that you just give up yourself for some idiot. just hang on to the situation and try to be happy.

    u can propose someone you don't like enough.

    take care


What Girls Said 1

  • What do you think you can do? Unless you like someone already, are you planning on finding some random boy to date, just so you can have a bfriend? I think you should just relax and enjoy the other things in life... When you least expect it, you'll find someone for you!