Trust him or Keep Questioning?

My husband and I have been together for almost 5 years. He is honestly he the sweetest guy and would do anything for me. He's only lied about one thing (that I know of) and it's a dumb lie so that's why I don't understand the point of lying, but he used to lie about it frequently, the past few months I know he's been telling the truth. But today due to a call from my card company thinking it was fraudulent charges I saw a charge for a weird website and called and got details (I really believe it's fraud because he has had so many issues with identity theft) but something about it isn't sitting right, I have a weird gut feeling. I tried to talk to him about it and the timeline is a little weird. Also he clears his browser history weekly (always has, and I still hate it) but I'm ridiculous and kept making myself more upset so I looked at all the ways he could be hiding something such as instagram, emails (trash emptied weekly and no unread messages), and Facebook. On Facebook I noticed his searches were cleared, this is notttttt feeling normal, who on earth even thinks to clear that unless they're hiding something?
I don't know it feels odd
but I tried explaining to him I just don't know what to think or how to feel cuz there is no way to prove he did or didn't do it and I feel like I can't trust him 100% because the past stupid lies. We never have these kinds of issues and I really believe he would ever Physically-with his body- cheat. But I don't know if he would be talking to someone else or what

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  • You either trust him or you don't, obviously you don't because you're having doubts about his behaviour. If you don't trust him you'll just keep piecing together bits of information like you are and wondering if he's being deceitful and doing whatever behind your back... it will wreck your marriage really fast.