Is it wrong to skip the engagement ring and just buy her the wedding band?

I'm leery about spending thousands on a diamond. What would most girls think if they just had a wedding ring on?


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  • honestly I wouldn't care because in the end, I would only be wearing the wedding ring. but I could even care less about that. if I love the person and I got married I wouldn't expect the guy to spend thousands and thousands of dollars of it. As long as they loved me, that would be the only thing that madder

    • Thx. I appreciate you gals alot.


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  • I personally wouldn't care. You put a lot of thought into buying the ring. It would also tell me that you were extremely serious on us getting married.


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  • So when she goes around saying she's engaged what is she gonna show people? Do you mean the wedding band is what she is wearing as the engagement ring?

    I'm no girl. But when I am engaged, she gonna be able to brag. The engagement ring will be what I think she would like and the wedding band is something we will be shopping for together. Girls like shopping for jewerly.

    • True. but maybe we can save those thousands for a nice honeymoon or something. and the band has diamonds in it anyways.

    • The ring is just a ring to some, and meaning of it is what really matters to most. As long as your heart is in the right place and you give the girl all your love, she won't care.

      Some are in it for the big huge wedding (they have been planning/imagining it since they were young) but just make sure you make it clear that you want to give her that, however, you don't just want a wedding you plan to give her a "marriage" and that is priceless.