When he won't introduce you to his family, daughter, mom, etc.

Work with this guy. He seems very into me. Says so. For 3 + years. Was divorced once and doesn't like marriage. I'm divorced. He truly seems tight with me. We work together. Do lunch together. Have great sex and he seems totally lusting me. But at arms length to the family. Finally, he drove me to see his mom. Who loved me. But no great 'introduction'. She didn't know I had existed (for 3 years). Should I dump his ass?


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  • Well he probably had not intended to stay with you and has decided that you are worth it. I think you should keep him, but let him know that it was wrong and to shape up haha.


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  • sighs. it sounds like it's a communication issue with this guy but other than that, you're happy with him right? Just tell him that you'd appreciate that he would maybe be more open about the relationship or whatever in your words, that being known to his family is minimal respect.