Boyfriend suddenly stopped calling and answering?

i met a boy three months back and we had relation we even planned to marry. he often insisted me on having physical relation which I refused by saying that we can have it after marriage, then he stopped asking me about it. one thing is that he always asked me not to talk to other boys and even asked me not to tell to anyone about relation now from last 8 days he has not answered my call. not called me, didn't replied me and even didn't replied my mail


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  • Could be anything, in an accident, work, family, or he found someone else, married etc...


What Girls Said 1

  • He was after sex. Now he knows you won't give it away he's going to find someone who will. You were planning to marry after less than 3 months? I'm sure it's easy to get swept up in all that stuff but the reality is he was just trying to use you for sex. Next time get to know someone better before talking about marriage