What should I do about my girlfriend?

Ive been dating this girl now for about a year and I really love her, and she says she loves me and we have talked a lot about our future. Anyway about 5 months a go she met a guy who became her 'best mate' (friend). Things were fine, then one day she's like do you still want to marry me (I had just proposed to her) and I'm like more then anything. she proceeds to tell me that this guy really likes her and can't live without her.. I told her I love her more then anything and to be careful cos he might try something. she said dw nothing will happen. Anyway a few months later she goes he really really likes me I'm so confused, I go I love you isn't that better then really likes you.. he's gonna do something be careful. she goes he's not like that your an idiot... just before our 1 yeah she decides to meet up with him, so I asked her cousin to tell me what happens and make sure nothing goes on. Her friends kept saying BOYFRIEND and making him awkward... but they distracted her cousin and they were sitting and cuddling... like a couple and she was resting her head on his shoulder.. anyway I let it go and though nothing of it... the Sunday after she saw him again, and they kissed... she came home told me and felt horrible that it was a mistake... anyway I got angry told her off.. nearly broke it off.. but thought she told me everything she really feels bad its okay.. then I found out 4 months later she didn't just kiss him he was kissing up and down her neck and caressing her... she lied about it... and I nearly broke it off.. but she deleted him off MSN facebook and his number.. and said id do anything... but I can't get over it.. she still thinks he is her best mate after he disrespected me and said some really nasty things about me and made up stories of what he and her did. How do I get over it... what do I do?

I'll also add that I have never thought or looked at other girls while being with her. I've even stopped talking to my best friend who happens to be a girl because of her.


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  • You won't be able to forget and as being a girl you don't want to tell your boyfriend everything because you don't want to hurt him for something that doesn't even matter (as in doesn't change the way she feels about you ). I say don't breakup it seems like she loves you a lot and to get over it day by day first talk to her about it be calm and everything tell her how that made you feel tell her you don't want her to hide anything from you and stay calm don't get mad unless she like refuses or is saying stuff she really shouldnt. and just remind yourself she is with you not him at the end of th night she's thinking of you before she goes to bed . this guy has nothing on you I bet if he tries to steal gothers girlfriends and disrespects that means he's disrespecting your girlfriend too and no girl wants someone like that . Just get it out of your head every time you think about it just think to yourself I love this girl . and eventually you will be okay . PS I'm not sure I really answerd your question if I didn't I'm sorry if I did I'm glad I could help


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  • U deserve better...


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  • f*** that girl, dump her right away bro.

    A girl without loyalness ain't the girl worth a dudes commitment to a serious relationship.

    A best mate usually only makes trouble, it seems like she cares more about her friendship with him than she does for you. She might have deleted him, but if she still sees him as her bestfriend, she'll probably chat with him again. Also, all the time she was saying nothing is gonna happen, you idiot. Then when they meet, she kisses him, tell her she's a freaking idiot and break her heart.

    Seriously, don't accept this or it will even get worse.

  • f*** them, f*** them up against the wall, what kind of girl is that ?

    You can't build a family with that girl, I know it's hard because it;'s so much time, but it's only gonna get worse. It's that type of girl that can't say no...