What do I do and don't do?

I had left the country and came back. My boyfriend being weird. Then distant, and we got into an argument. Then, couple days later, leaves me a note that it's over, and we have different interests. That I was a great girlfriend, maybe be friends. Then, I find him in the street, he says he's stressed from work, and that he doesn't want marriage now, until he pays off his bills. That we talk later. No call...


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  • wow what an ass and I bet you can find some one better.


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  • Depends how long you have been out of the country sounds like he might have cheated on you or lost interest long distance can be hard for people and personally I don't know anyone who's survived distance in a relationship. You might need to move on or if he is prepared to sit and talk things over try that x

    • I went away for 2 weeks. Yeah, I guess move on. Thanks!