My husband refuses to tell me he loves me, kiss me, or even touch me after he told another women he loves her.

This might be a long story...sorry

My husband one day decided he wanted to leave me, we have been having some problems fighting etc... He also plays World of Warcraft this info comes into play later, might I also mention it is like his cocaine. So he leaves and tells me it is for good doesn't tell me why or anything. He goes to his moms house and stays there 2 days later he calls and says he isn't leaving me for good he just needs some time. So OK, I agree. The next day he tells me he has to go out of town with his mom for surgery plays it out like she is so sick and she needs him. Knowing that he isn't leaving me I ask him to come home he wont. The next day after he supposedly leaves I call him and doesn't answer so I call his mom and she answers basically we find out he lied to me about his mom having surgery etc... So I call a lot and finally he answers won't talk to me only texts. He goes on about needing time and he is depressed and blah blah.So he comes back and agrees he wants to be with me and work on our marriage. tells me he isn’t in love with me and hasn’t been for a year, but he wants to try and get in love with me again. So we go back and forth for several days we are together we aren’t, so I get so tired of him changing his mind I leave before he wakes up and stay at a hotel for a night when I come back he agrees that he will change. The change he needs to make-unemployed 6 months, stays up all night playing World of warcraft, ignoring our 2 children and me. Well one day I looking through his history because there is a women he talks to all the time for hours on the phone in texts just all the time he says is just friends about the Game. Well I look through his yahoo archives and find out he has been telling her he loves her and calling her beautiful but the worst is he tells her I am a terrible person that never lets him do anything he wants. This has been going on for over a month and he never told me. A week before I found this I had called her and she told me nothing was going on. So after I caught him I demand him to stay and put effort to fix our marriage or leave. He is an I don’t know man. Every question he answers with IDK. So after several days of finding out he feels this way for this other woman which he tells me he doesn’t really love her I have started to feel like I don’t care because he won't kiss me hug me tell me he loves me or even want to be around me. After all I have been through I feel like I need some affection and when I ask him to do these things he refuses he doesn’t want to and he doesn’t know why. I don’t believe him for a minute because he lies about everything. He can't tell me I'm beautiful I ask him am I ugly why do you tell he and not me he says nothing. So tonight I told him either he starts doing these things or he has to leave. But I'm just not sure about what to do. I have tried talking to him all the time he just stares at the wall and says nothing or IDK


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  • you need a divorce. it's either that, or live the rest of your life in this hell.


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  • I think you should leave him, I honor your will to make the marriage work, but it's not.

    HE IS USING YOU. I hope you knew that. He is unemployed and uses your money and he is in a relationship with another woman.


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  • ...That's unfortunate.You can't make this marriage work though.It's quite obvious the fact that he doesn't want to be with you anymore -Did he ever?- and he is taking advantage of you.He doesn't seem to care about your children too.He just feels secure being with you because he is a lazy ass who prefers being unemployed than offering his contribution to the family.He is a burden.You will be better without him.In my opinion you should divorce him as soon as possible.

    Good luck.