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My husband refuses to tell me he loves me, kiss me, or even touch me after he told another women he loves her.

This might be a long story...sorry My husband one day decided he wanted to leave me, we have been having some problems fighting etc... He also... Show More

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  • I think you should leave him, I honor your will to make the marriage work, but it's not.HE IS USING YOU. I hope you knew that. He is unemployed and uses your money and he is in a relationship with another woman.

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  • ...That's unfortunate.You can't make this marriage work though.It's quite obvious the fact that he doesn't want to be with you anymore -Did he ever?- and he is taking advantage of you.He doesn't seem to care about your children too.He just feels secure being with you because he is a lazy ass who prefers being unemployed than offering his contribution to the family.He is a burden.You will be better without him.In my opinion you should divorce him as soon as possible.Good luck.

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