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A married man likes me.

A few weeks ago I met this man randomly and he was very nice to me, complimenting me and all that. A few days after that, he said to me, I want to... Show More

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  • leave. there's nothing to be confused about. CLEARLY he's not going to leave his wife for you, even if he did would you REALLY want that on your shoulders? would you REALLY be OK knowing you ended a marriage? ESPECIALLY if he's a father. he's a douche and if you think he'd be faithful to you if he DID leave his wife for you, which once again he wont, you're wrong and if you think she doesn't know about his little affair with you, you're wrong again. we ALWAYS know. I knew INSTANTLY when I had sex with my ex that he messed around behind my back. he didn't say a word, he didn't have perfume on him, he didn't act differently, it was when we had sex. there was something he did and my first thought was, "holy sh*t where did he learn that?" we weren't 2minutes into having sex and I knew. it killed it. totally broke my heart. did I say anything? no. I'm smart enough to ask the right questions to finally get him to say, "alright...this is what's going on" because he just doesn't know what to say anymore and has no way out of it. she knows baby girl so I'd stop now. there's nothing to be confused about. how do you know that you're the only one? he could be calling you baby so he doesn't call you the wrong name. good luck sweetie.

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  • He is married and want to have his cake and eat it too. That's my take. Leave him be!

  • The guy's married?

    That's not fair to his wife break it off.

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  • If he isn't willing to end his marriage then back off. I don't think it's fair for his wife or you. Basically all he wants is the best of both worlds. He needs to make a decision & so do you. Are you willing to commit to him? If it's just a crush then you could ruin his life, specially if he has kids. It's a tough decision that you're gonna have to make. But the best advice I could give you is forget about him. Good luck.

  • he is bad news! if he is married he is being unfair to you and his wife. not worth your time

  • You say you know he is making a big mistake, so don't be a part of it.

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