How can I get him back without having sex?

We dated for 7 months but last week he broke up with me because he thinks he needs sex to make a relationship work and that I don't care enough to do it with him. I've been explaining everything to him for days (surprisingly he's not annoyed yet) but he won't change his mind because sex is so important to him even though he's a virgin! What do I do? I'm waiting for marriage for sex for religious reasons so I'm not doing that.


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  • You've clearly quite different opinions and goals.

    Why would you want him back?


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  • It's obvious you two don't belong together. Don't get him back silly, find someone who shares your views.


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  • I'd say just move on. While sex can definitely make a relationship healthy, well, you aren't even 18 yet, (and I'm assuming he isn't either), and you shouldn't be holding out for a guy like that. Find a guy who will respect your views when it comes to sex. Because if he's not willing to wait for you, then you shouldn't have to wait around for him.