What's up with underage kids talking about sex? Is it right?

I really don't think its appropriate about wanting kids, asking what turn them on, what position is best. I dunno. I didn't lose my virginity until I was 18. Even now I wish I would have waited. I'm not a prude or ne thing, I just don't think its right. Is it right?


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  • i agree. I wouldn't want my little sister or brother on here doing that kinda stuff.


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  • i think your right. its just when your hormones kick in you go crazy.

  • What's wrong with it? It's a natural thing. Decades ago people were getting married at the age of 13. Their marriages seem to last longer than the ones today too.

    • Yeah but they had kid to work on the farm and their not exposed to clubs, strip clubs, and porn.

    • What's wrong with clubs? Dancing is fun.

      Strip clubs ID people.

      Porn should be monitored by parents.

      If a kid is curious about his/her sexuality, wouldn't it be better to ask someone they know or on an online forum than to go ask a stranger.

    • Im just saying that kids are exposed to things like thing now days. (not all clubs/strip clubs card you, especially in LA where I grew up) sexuality is a totally different than asking about sex. (like how do I give a bj or hj? what's the best position?) its not good, that's all I'm saying.

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  • I wouldn't think that asking a question of that sort to a specific teenager would be appropriate, but unfortunately the web is pretty much open to all. Their might be people on here that are 16 posing as a 25 year old, 'we' never know. As for them answering, none of us have control over that. All in all, it's not my responsibility to do the age screening, or filter through what is not age appropriate via Internet. That is a parents job.