Engaged to this person?


we both knew each other for long time and we stopped talking to each other for a year because of different reasons. It was a long distance thing. Suddenly we got in touch again and we decided to get married in 7 days...I know it was quick...but now I am feeling that if I made the decision too quick...He is very excited and has declared the relationship, family is also fine...only thing that worries me is he is saying different things and he wants it all...t he has got an overseas opportunity and he is very excited and confirmed it. It worried me because he asked me to resign from my job and moved to his place. Now I am wondering what's important to him.

I am just thinking to take some more time...is it normal to get scared...


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  • Maybe take some time to think things through bit strange to happen so quickly, what will happen if it doenst work out...etc


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  • Talk to him and tell him how you feel. This is a lifelong decision!