Why does my ex fiance still email me?

So I was engaged to be married & my fiance & I were in a long distance relationship while I was away in grad school we barely had time for our relationship. Long story short things didn't work.I heard he was cheating so I asked him & he admitted to having a baby on the way.then a couple days later he denied it saying he never cheated & doesn't have a baby on the way & saying that he wanted to break up with me bcuz me accusing him of cheating was the straw for him (As if I wanted to continue to be with someone I believed cheated on me) and continued to say he loved me but was no longer in love with me & that I act to "boyish".

To bring things up to date because this was a couple months ago.since our breakup he emails me every other week. Why?


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  • he may have trouble getting over you or may wany you back, or a little of both. What you do from there is up to you, if you want him back go for it, if not tell him so.


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  • He either isn't over you yet, or realizes how much he screwed up. Depending on what he says in the emails, he might just miss having your company as a friend.


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  • Um, it sounds like he might have realized what he lost and wants to try to work things out. Men just don't think sometimes. I'm assuming he is around your age and probably just didn't know what the hell he wanted but now he's realizing that he had what he wanted.

    What do the e-mails say? Do they talk about the two of you?

    Do you respond?

    • The emails range from him making sure I'm ok,asking bout school,family & even sex,that was the topic 2 days ago & I was floored. I do respond to ALL of his emails as a way for me to get closure bcuz I found myself distancing & taking my anger out on the rebound guy when I shuldnt. I am also tryin to get on my ex's good side bcuz he still has yet to tell me the truth,he's given conflicting answers & I don't know which 1 to believe but I so long 4 the truth.He doesn't talk about his feelings or anger only me