Is it time to say goodbye to him?

My boyfriend is amazing and I really like him, he's really good for me as well. We talk everyday and hand out all the time. A few days ago he was talking about getting me and pre-engagement ring. So that once were both finished with collage we will get marred. And now a week later he's distant. He just can't carry a conversation with me and we hang out a lot less. It may just be cause oh his family in town and he wants to spend time with them and I get that. Also my family hates him which I don't care cause it's not going to change the way I feel about him and were about to move in together so I will not have my fam nagging on me to break it off with him. But it just seems like he is getting distant with me. Should I say goodbye to him now?

he has also been flirting with some other girls but he says its just an ego bost


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  • You can't have him to yourself all the time. Any relationship you will ever be in will have it's ups and downs. Sometimes you'll be inseparable. On the rare occasion you may go a week or two without seeing each other. Most of the time those situations mean nothing. Don't obsess over the little things otherwise when a big thing comes alone you'll have no ground left to stand on.


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  • He seems distant. This is okay. There may be multiple solutions to this as to why he is being distant. But I just have to ask, if you love him so much and just a week ago you were talking about pre-engagement rings and now he seems just distant for a bit and you're questioning if this is it... Are you ready for a relationship? Because relationships have their ups and downs. If he is seeming distant for a full week and you are questioning staying with him then sweety you aren't ready for what else is to come. Relationships aren't perfect. They only work if both people are willing to hold on and fight to keep what they have. And for what may come in the future, this is nothing compared to serious problems that you two will most likely face. I would say stay with him, like you said its probably because family is in town and he wants to spend time with them. Also, you are not going to be able to be with him all the time as much as you'd like to. Just let it flow. In my opinion, in this situation you shouldn't be wondering if you should stay with him. This is minor. But anywho! Do what you feel is right in your heart. And be happy.