Why would a man ask me this, out of the blue?

Well maybe not totally out of the blue, so we just finished having great sex, awesome sex. He's in the other room and yells to me, "do you wanna get married" I say No, I'm not in love with you, but someday yes I would like to be married. I asked him if he wanted to get married and he said no, not now. So why the hell did he ask me that question? For a minute when he said it, I thought he was serious, he said it more like he was asking me, then asking me if that makes any sense. Why would a guy bring up marriage in the first place? Men? any thoughts?

To alpinestar, thanks for the comment. Later that evening I texted him and asked him wanna get married, I'm serious. He texted back and said, no I'm not ready to settle down. Your thoughts on that? Thx


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  • As you said, since you had just had great sex, maybe that was a way for him to joke about having sex like that when he is married; I know in the past I have made that comment as a joke to girls when the sex was really great. Of course, I did follow my comment with , damn, that was so good, what about we get married? And the girls knew that I wasn't lookng for marriage, so they got my 'joke.' Now, if he is the type that doesn't want to get married and he easily is able to pop such a question, then again, I would say is more of a humorous comment.next time you have sex, you should ask him, 'so are you gonna ask for marriage again?'


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  • He'd bring it up, because he loves you, or "DID" atleast. Did ofcourse meaning, "Past tense." To break this down here we go.

    He yelled out would you marry me, putting his heart in your hands to shatter, saying basicly, "I love you, do you love me?"

    You answered with, "No I don't love you like that." To him that ment, "NO" I don't love you.

    At that point he was upset, about you not caring for him the way he cared about you so dearly, so when you asked him if he wanted to get married, "He purposely said NO." After some deep, deep, personal thought on his part of, "Wow she doesn't even love me? Why would I wana marry a girl that doesn't love me. Also, he said no because he wanted to marry you and noone else. If that wasn't possible he didn't want to be married. Also, by him telling you No. It was his way of saying ok, guess I'll stop loving you as well.


  • He just wants to know what you want.and that will affect what he wants of course. maybe he really is ready to settle down but your negative response prompted him to give a similar negative response. I think that's very likely.

    Try asking him again and explain about that 'not being in love with you'.did you really mean that or were just surprised by the question.? I admit that yelling it from the other room was not a good approach to something so serious and intimate.


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  • i have no idea but maybe he's thinking if she doesn't want to get married at least we are on the same level and can have fun